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La caisse de Crédit Agricole de Bonneval en Eure et Loire a organisé le 21 juin 2017, une remise symbolique de chèque au lauréat de la bourse NUFFIELD 2017, Maxime BARBIER.

Il faut souligner que le Crédit Agricole soutient la bourse NUFFIELD depuis qu’elle existe en France, c’est-à-dire depuis 1982.

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Brazil has been described as a ‘Biological Ferrari’. This title seems apt given the vast natural resources the country possesses. Everything a plant needs to grow fast can be found in Brazil; warmth, light, water (lots of water, nearly a fifth of all the world’s water reserves in fact) and all this spread across 852 million hectares. With the encouragement of their Government since the 1960s, Brazilian farmers have been able to make the most of these abundant natural resources by using modern agricultural management techniques and then multiplying them across vast tracts of often virgin land. Over the past 40 years this has transformed Brazil from being a net food importer into a global agricultural powerhouse as the world’s biggest exporter of beef, sugar, coffee, soybeans and chicken. The scale of Brazil’s beef industry is highlighted by the fact that it has become the world’s biggest beef exporter despite only exporting 15% of the beef it produces…

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